The history of the building

From bank headquarters and professional training center for bank employees to its current status as an office building and business center, the KOB building has housed famous companies over the years.

The foundation was built between 1987 and 1989 and remained at this stage for 8 years, as did most of Brașov`s city center. Work resumed in 1997, when Banca Agricolă, together with Proiect Brașov S.A., acquired the structure and built a banking headquarters consisting of 2 units:

• the small structure that served as the bank’s headquarters (with all necessary facilities and equipment: CIT (Cash In Transit vehicles) access, valuables storage – vault, counters, office area).
• the tower, which was used as a hotel unit for the bank’s employees sent to Brașov for specialization courses; on the upper 2 floors were dedicated to a restaurant and a training conference room.

Such training centers were often seen among institutions with banking activities, which usually built a hotel unit near the headquarters for employee professional development courses. Brașov was the perfect location because of its central geographical position and especially because of the Civic Center area which was in full development process at the time.

The Agricultural Bank was later bought by Raiffeisen Bank. For a while Raiffeisen operated here, then they retired and sold all their properties to various entities.

In 2009, the building was converted from a hotel to an office building. In 2011 the front part was rebuilt, the pedestrian staircase was installed and in 2014 the small building was refurbished.

After housing various banking institutions and foreign investors, at the end of 2020 the building became Kogălniceanu Office Brașov, a real estate commercial property.

The transition to a new administration in 2020 meant a series of investments in better management of services for current and future tenants, as well as in the architectural interior and exterior restoration of the building in 2021.

The premises of the Kogălniceanu Office Brașov are currently used by companies such as Alstom Romania, Metropolitan Life and Plastics Bavaria, and the newly renovated floors are available for rent. Today, KOB offers long-term residential solutions to companies looking for a modern headquarters, a concept that meets the specific needs of each one of them.

Office space for rent in Brasov Civic Center – Kogălniceanu Office Brașov – Rental floors for offices in a modern facilities building.

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Our partners

Alstom Romania, Metropolitan Life, Plastics Bavaria and other companies are currently operating in the Kogălniceanu Office Brașov tower.