Clean Air

Air handling units

The better insulated a space is, the lower the heat loss. However, this means that the indoor air stagnates and becomes foul and polluted, increasing the risk of allergens, residual odors, condensation and mold. It is also known that the risk of virus transmission increases exponentially in closed or poorly ventilated spaces.

The central air handling unit (AHU) is an important component of the air conditioning system that has the task of providing centralized air treatment: ventilation, filtration, heating and cooling while maximizing the efficiency technical parameters.

The ventilation system permanently provides 100% fresh air through the ventilation ducts, replaces the stale air in the room with fresh air preheated to the set temperature and distributes it through the helical swirl diffuser vents, mounted on the ceiling.

Benefits of the air ventilation unit:
– it permanently refreshes the air inside;
– it removes harmful substances and eliminates the source of dust by creating an overpressure in the office space;
– it considerably reduces the consumption of thermal energy;
– it maintains the optimum temperature;
– it does not affect the level of concentration in the office thanks to the silent operation.

The operational reliability of central heating and cooling systems comes from redundancy (doubling of vital elements: 2 Viessmann boilers with a combined power of 1.2MW and 2 chillers with a combined power of 850kW), thus ensuring continuous operation, even in case of technical failure.

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